Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Home Water Loss

Water Cleanup Job in Doral, Florida Home in Doral, Florida with extensive water damage from a pipe leak. Water had been leaking into the walls, seeping down int... READ MORE

Doral Water Damage

Mold & Water Damage Flood cuts had to be made in this Doral, Florida home due to an excess amount of moisture sitting behind these walls. Water damage resto... READ MORE

Water, Mold, Or Both?

In the first photo we have a wood floor buckling up due to a water loss in the master bedroom. The water leak originated from the master bath. The shower appear... READ MORE

Pink & White Curtains

The curtains are the least of this rooms problems. The floors in this room were left with standing water which means, that's right, mold. SERVPRO team members w... READ MORE

Paneling Removed

To completed our extraction our team removed the paneling on the walls. When water drips down into the crevasse of your walls the wall itself and the padding is... READ MORE

White Bathroom

SERVPRO of Doral worked on this residence for unseen water loss beneath the tile in the bathroom. Our team was able to suck out the moisture from the padding, t... READ MORE

Residence Suffers

Our team removed the drywall and padding down to the foundation because of a water leak. This residences roof sprung a leak from a large storm. Unfortunately, t... READ MORE

Our Main Concern Is..

Your safety! Yes, that's right. We always make sure our area is secured and stabilized before we begin our work. This commercial office was burdened with a wate... READ MORE

Water damage in a Hallway

Hallway water damage being taken care of by our team here at SERVPRO. We are the leading professionals in water, fire, and mold restoration. Our water remediati... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss - Department Store

This department store was affected by heavy rain. 60% of the storage area was affected. SERVPRO of Doral crew effectively extracted the water and placed equipme... READ MORE

Water Damage - Car Dealer Office

Water intrusion on Walls on second floor due to Heavy rain in Miami cause a water damage in two floors at this Car Dealership. Our crew arrived within an hour t... READ MORE

Water Damage Hotel - Miami Lakes

Water Damage caused by a broken pipe at a well-known Hotel chain in Miami Lakes. Eight Hours of water extraction. Further damage was avoid due to our immediate ... READ MORE