Recent Before & After Photos

Blood on the Bed

In the frequent biohazard removal jobs we receive there is a good variety of crime scene cleanups. SERVPRO of Doral is one of the few restoration companies lice... READ MORE

Home Water Loss

Water Cleanup Job in Doral, Florida Home in Doral, Florida with extensive water damage from a pipe leak. Water had been leaking into the walls, seeping down int... READ MORE

Doral Water Damage

Mold & Water Damage Flood cuts had to be made in this Doral, Florida home due to an excess amount of moisture sitting behind these walls. Water damage resto... READ MORE

Blue Carpet

Coming back to a water loss in your business can increase your risk of exposure to mold. When standing water sits for more than four eight hours, mold spores be... READ MORE

Order Up!

Biohazard waste isn't that uncommon in restaurants, believe it or not. SERVPRO of Doral is fully equipped with our certified technicians and high tech equipment... READ MORE

Protect you business!

Protect yourself and your business from hidden mold growths with SERVPRO of Doral's restoration technicians! Between forty eight hours to one week after water d... READ MORE

Where are you?

Water is hiding and seeping in through the cracks in the wall and underneath the wood floor. Drywall and wood swell once they have been damaged by water. There'... READ MORE

Mold, Mold

& you guessed it, Mold! In this case we had some heavy rain fall in for Florida which caused a leak in this homes roof. The water eventually traveled down t... READ MORE

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain caused some pretty major damage to this Doral, FL home. When it rains and when it pours water may or may not enter into your home. Homeowners beware!... READ MORE

Water, Mold, Or Both?

In the first photo we have a wood floor buckling up due to a water loss in the master bedroom. The water leak originated from the master bath. The shower appear... READ MORE