SERVPRO of Doral Employee Photos

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Carlos Galindo

Carlos is our Production Manager for SERVPRO of Doral.

Carlos has been with SERVPRO of Doral since 2020.

Carlos was born in Venezuela. He has been with SERVPRO of Doral for about three years but has about five years of experience in the Cleaning and Restoration Industry. Carlos started off as a Production Technician then proceeded to get promoted as a Crew Chief and progressed to his current position as Production Coordinator.

Carlos enjoys to ride his bike frequently and play softball in his spare time.  

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Fiorella Lunari

Fiorella was born in Venezuela, she has been at SERVPRO of Doral around 2 years now, she started as our job filing coordinator, she also has acquired the WRT IICRC Certification, now she has recently been promoted  to Office Manager.

Fiorella spends her time watching movies and visiting her friends. One of her desires is to retake studies and obtain a title in Foreign Languages.

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Janeth Landazuri

Janeth is our Business Development Manager for SERVPRO of Doral.

Janeth recently joined SERVPRO of Doral this 2024.

Janeth was born in USA and lived some years in Ecuador. She has big experience in market development and with customer service excellence

She enjoys bike riding and spend quality time with her family.  

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Jhonatan Arrieta

Jhonatan is our Production Technician for SERVPRO of Doral.

Jhonatan has been with SERVPRO Doral since 2021.

Jhonatan was born in Venezuela. He has been with SERVPRO Doral for about two years and feels lucky to have landed an amazing job opportunity with SERVPRO Doral.

Jhonatan enjoys riding motorcycles and eating Middle Eastern food on his free time.

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Alexander Rios

Alexander Rios was born in Cuba. He is part of our team as a Production Technician at SERVPRO of Doral.

Alexander does not have a lot of time in the USA, however he has acquired so much knowledge about remediation services which has been an area that he has enjoyed.

In his free time, Alexander likes to go out on his bicycle, workout, and he loves pizza.

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Noelis Matos

Noelis Matos is our sales and marketing representative for SERVPRO of Doral

Noelis has been with SERVPRO since November 2023

Noelis was born Venezuela. She is a detail and deadline-oriented person, with a strong desire to be challenged and continue to develop/learn new business aspects

Noelis has CrossFit as a hobby.

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Mark Vasquez

Mark Vasquez is a Sales and Marketing Representative for SERVPRO of Doral, where he proudly represents his Latino heritage with passion and enthusiasm. Born and raised in Miami, Mark has a deep love for the city and its vibrant culture.

Known for his strong work ethic and dedication to others, Mark always puts the needs of his clients first. Whether he's helping a homeowner restore their property or assisting a business owner with their recovery process, Mark is committed to providing top-notch service and support.

Outside of work, Mark's love for dance shines through. He can often be found on the dance floor, showcasing his moves and spreading joy wherever he goes. His passion for dance reflects his lively personality and adds an extra dimension to his interactions with others.

With his combination of hard work, dedication, and love for his community, Mark embodies the spirit of SERVPRO of Doral. He is not just a representative; he is a trusted partner who goes above and beyond to help others in their time of need.

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