Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Mold, Mold

& you guessed it, Mold! In this case we had some heavy rain fall in for Florida which caused a leak in this homes roof. The water eventually traveled down t... READ MORE

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain caused some pretty major damage to this Doral, FL home. When it rains and when it pours water may or may not enter into your home. Homeowners beware!... READ MORE

Ceiling Cut

Technically, it's still called a flood cut. The ceiling has dark discoloration, this is a sign of a near by water loss. Once our team was on scene and ready to ... READ MORE

Water Leak

Water leaks often come from a larger source. In this instance, a storm rolled in that this home's roof was not prepared for. Once the roof started leaking and w... READ MORE

Opening up

Opening this wall was essential. Why? Well because there was a huge amount of water trapped beneath the wall. The water accumulated from a pipe leak. Pipe leaks... READ MORE

Kitchen Damage

You may assume that the water damage in this kitchen came from a pipe leak. But you would, in fact be wrong. The water that seeped into this kitchen floor and b... READ MORE