Water Damage Photo Gallery

Thermal camera scanning a ceiling.

Inspection Is The First Step

When our SERVPRO of Doral team first arrives at your property after a loss, we begin with a full inspection. This involved using our advanced technology, such as our thermal cameras, to quickly locate any areas affected by moisture.

Thermal Cameras Quickly Locate Any Affected Areas

Once the inspection has been completed, our crew has a better understanding of the extent of the damage and can move forward with the mitigation and restoration appropriately.

Team members holding a layflat.

Isolating The Airflow Can Be Very Beneficial

This plastic vent is called a layflat and is used in instances when isolated drying is necessary. This allows us to direct the airflow and specialize it on a certain area to ensure that it gets the airflow needed to dry as quickly as possible.

Thermal camera.

We Use Thermal Cameras To Locate Hidden Moisture

Our SERVPRO of Doral team uses thermal cameras to locate any moisture on your property in Doral, FL, after a water damage event. It is important to locate all the hidden moisture after a water loss to ensure that your property is completely dried out.

servpro equipment in bathroom

Dealing with Water Damage in West Miami, FL

Water damages can come from leaky pipes, roof leaks, the buildup in poor ventilation, and even unattended spills. To prevent mold growth in these areas, it’s best to fix the root of problem as quickly as possible. Give us a call at (305) 594-2956; we're always here to help!

Bathroom with green air movers on the ground.

Grey Water or Black Water?

Facts About Commercial Water Damage

When water leaks from a shower, sink, or washing machine drain, it is called Greywater. It may contain traces of grease, food, or dirt that make it more toxic than clean water but less toxic than flood water. Blackwater is when stormwater enters your building from the exterior, or a toilet overflows, introducing sewage. This high-level contamination, requires professional cleanup and restoration services because it may contain bacteria, sewage or toxic chemicals

Room with blue carpet and a green air mover.

Symptoms of water damage

Water leaking from a light fixture is a major issue and must be resolved quickly. If you find any symptoms of water damage, immediately switch off the electricity and wait for an expert to arrive.

Moisture meter up against a white wall.

Reading The Damage

Team Jaramillo always checks for hidden water beneath walls. We find water accompanied by mold on most properties we service. If you're a property owner, report water damage asap. If not, you may find yourself with a mold problem as well.

Room with windows and water on the floor.

Broken Water Pipe

Oftentimes, water damage is caused by a broken water pipe that gushes freely and requires an immediate repair. Regardless of its source, when faced with sizable flooding its best to call in water damage experts.

We have the training and equipment to quickly remove standing water, properly dry, and refurbish your property.

A large yellow home in a lot with green grass.

Water Line Break

A roof leak, pipe break, or any other water incident inside your home in West Miami, FL can greatly damage various items, including your flooring. Consider these factors before ripping away this prized decoration.

1. Status of Padding
2. Category of Water Damage
3. Duration of Damage

Floor being ripped out of a room.

Water Cleanup In West Miami

As water damage specialists, we are prepared and ready to serve you at a moment's notice. Whether in the heart of West Miami or the surrounding areas, water or flood damage call us today (305) 594-2956

Man spraying underneath a kitchen sink wearing blue gloves.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Did you know, Water Damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States? Flooding is the number one cause for insurance claims, yet most people do not have insurance coverage for flooding. Don't wait, protect your property from water and mold damage

Three green air movers on a white tile floor.


Inside this home there was an ongoing leak, which cause the surface of the bathroom tile to continue rising & separating. Running water easily goes unnoticed, especially by snowbirds. When a leak occurs in your space, call SERVPRO of Doral!

Standing water in a hallway.

Drain Back Up

Drains back up in residential and commercial spaces frequently, SERVPRO of Doral was quick to the job. Team Jaramillo never skips a beat. When disaster strikes, you can count on SERVPRO of Doral! (305) 594-2956

Wall cut made exposing insulation.

Exposed Insulation

A wall cut was made in this West Miami, FL home because moisture was detected. After further investigation we came to find mold hidden behind the insulation. This discovery enabled us to remove more of the drywall and insulation to see how far the mold growth had spread. 

Moisture Meter

Hard At Work

Moisture Meters uses advanced electromagnetic wave technology to accurately measure the moisture hidden in contents. This technology gives our team instant readings when scanning in seconds. SERVPRO of Doral uses this tool efficiently in our water damage restoration efforts. 

Water vacuum on the carpet flooring with orange cords.

Water Vacuum

We use equipment such as this to help restore our customers homes, "Like it never even happened." Water damage is a huge problem. It is so important to take care of a water leak as soon as possible. 

White tiled hallways with green air movers.

5 Water Issues Your Business May Encounter

When you have a business in Doral, Florida it's important to mitigate water damage and prevent leaking pipes before they leave lasting harm to the property. Here are five issues many companies in this area may expect to encounter.

1. Roof Leak Problems

2. Sewer Line Damage

3. Damage To Water Pipes

4. Foundation Damage

5. Landscape Drainage

For more details check out our blog

-Water Intrusion-

When water intrudes in on your home it can be scary and very overwhelming. Our team understand how stressful this time is for you. That's why we are on scene after your call, getting the job done quickly & efficiently. 

Man measuring moisture in a wall.

Loss From Water

Do you have water lingering around your residence? Not sure? Call Us! (305) 594-2956

Our facility is capable of handling any project you many have for us, no matter how large or small. Here at SERVPRO of Doral we are the water restoration experts.