Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Team member removing drywall.

Damage Is Not Always Obvious

When initially taking a look at this wall, you might not notice anything wrong right away. However, the truth of the matter is that this home has suffered from significant water and mold damage after a recent storm.

Water Damage Can Quickly Lead To Mold Damage

Our SERVPRO of Doral team immediately responded to the home after receiving the call from the homeowners and quickly discovered mold growing behind the drywall.

Mold growth in a pink room.

Mold Infestations Are Very Common In Our Neck Of The Woods

Can you spot the mold growth in this Miami home? Unfortunately, mold infestations are very common, especially in our area. Luckily, our team is highly experienced in water and mold mitigation. Give us a call today!

Wet ceiling with spots of mold.

Mold Remediation Services in Miami

A water damage event will quickly turn into a full-blown mold infestation. In as little as 48 hours, mold can begin to grow and spread throughout your Miami, FL, property. Our SERVPRO of Doral team is the local water and mold remediation experts in the area.

Water heater next to a moisture meter

Water Heater Leaking In Doral

Is your refrigerator running? Is your water heater running? Have you noticed a spike in your water bill?

Then it may be time to check for a leak. Slow creeping water spills can cause a gradual increase in cost to your water bill. This helps the water damage be unnoticed for too often.

Kitchen with green cabinets and appliances pulled out.

Water Leaks

Mold prevention involves understanding how water can seep into unexpected spaces. Mold spores can grow under flooring, between walls, and inside cracks in tile-work or stone. Don't worry, we'll take it from here. We have all the equipment needed for water damage cleanup

Moldy piece of wood.

Mold In Our Environment

Mold is an important part of our environment, but it does NOT belong inside your property! Call SERVPRO of Doral to have your home inspected for mold. We are your local licensed mold remediation service providers.

Person on their knees next to green air movers.

Warp or Mold

If you detect a strong mildew odor, call SERVPRO of Doral's professionals right away! Excess water will cause the wood to warp or mold. Let's prevent that from happening, together. The faster you call the quicker we can get to the damage.

Thermal imaging camera being held up.

Infrared Data

Thermal imagine devices convert infrared data into an electronic image, which shows the estimated surface temperature of the object being measured. Each temperature value is assigned a different color. What do you think blue means?

Air movers lined up in a hallway.

Water and Mold Remediation

Water leaks can turn into a real mess. If you notice a leak it's important to shut off the main water line. SERVPRO of Doral is your one stop shop for all water damage & mold remediation needs!

Thermal imaging device in a home.

Thermal Imaging

Moisture could be lurking inside your business. It's important to act fast! The longer it sits, the more of a chance mold has to grow. When mold grows, you have a bigger problem on your hands!