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South East Physician Associates (SEPA)

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

SEPA Meeting

On March 1st, 2018 SEPA had a grand opening event for one of their medical office practice in Doral at the Firefighter Memorial Building. SEPA objective for this grand opening to ensure firefighters get the proper care they need while they are on the field. There are huge percentage of firefighters do not take the proper follow-up when they have a medical health issue. With this practice, it will be definitely help open doors and emotional support for family members who have their relative in the firefighter field. This is definitely will make things well for all around in the community. This location was brought the firefighters that lost their lives while helping others in the community. It is a beautiful remembrance of such great people.

SEPA’s mission is to help the physician and business partners achieve their success that will eventually turn into high quality healthcare. They sincerely care about the community and always willing to help as much as they can and more. We also had the mayor of Doral at the grand opening, J.C. Bermudez.

We definitely like helping our clients to ensure their happiness is always granted. We always continually want to always have excellent service, fairness and mutual respect. With this special invitation their grand opening and their growth in the company it is great. We appreciate it so much. As well, we thank Doral Chamber of Commerce for us meeting them in a Carnival Victory Cruise Line in making our business relationship prosper.