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Thermal camera scanning a ceiling.

Inspection Is The First Step

When our SERVPRO of Doral team first arrives at your property after a loss, we begin with a full inspection. This involved using our advanced technology, such as our thermal cameras, to quickly locate any areas affected by moisture.

Thermal Cameras Quickly Locate Any Affected Areas

Once the inspection has been completed, our crew has a better understanding of the extent of the damage and can move forward with the mitigation and restoration appropriately.

Team member removing drywall.

Damage Is Not Always Obvious

When initially taking a look at this wall, you might not notice anything wrong right away. However, the truth of the matter is that this home has suffered from significant water and mold damage after a recent storm.

Water Damage Can Quickly Lead To Mold Damage

Our SERVPRO of Doral team immediately responded to the home after receiving the call from the homeowners and quickly discovered mold growing behind the drywall.

Team members holding a layflat.

Isolating The Airflow Can Be Very Beneficial

This plastic vent is called a layflat and is used in instances when isolated drying is necessary. This allows us to direct the airflow and specialize it on a certain area to ensure that it gets the airflow needed to dry as quickly as possible.

Team member in full PPE cleaning a business.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned in Doral

The daily traffic in and out of your business can leave your property in need of serious deep clean and disinfection service.

Our SERVPRO of Doral team is highly trained and experienced in commercial disinfection cleaning and we offer our services to businesses of any size. Call us for more information today!

Mold growth in a pink room.

Mold Infestations Are Very Common In Our Neck Of The Woods

Can you spot the mold growth in this Miami home? Unfortunately, mold infestations are very common, especially in our area. Luckily, our team is highly experienced in water and mold mitigation. Give us a call today!

Team member working inside home.

We Are Here To Help All Christmas!

Our SERVPRO of Doral team wants to remind our community that we are still open 24 hours a day this entire holiday season. Disasters never wait for a good time to strike and many losses occur during the holiday season. We are only one call away!

Blue tarp on roof.

We Offer Tarping Services To Keep The Inside Of Your Home Safe After Roof Damage

A storm blew through the Doral area and left a ton of damage behind. This home suffered from a ton of roof damage. It is important to protect your home until the roof restoration process is done in order to prevent any damage from happening to the interior of your home. 

Wet ceiling with spots of mold.

Mold Remediation Services in Miami

A water damage event will quickly turn into a full-blown mold infestation. In as little as 48 hours, mold can begin to grow and spread throughout your Miami, FL, property. Our SERVPRO of Doral team is the local water and mold remediation experts in the area.

Thermal camera.

We Use Thermal Cameras To Locate Hidden Moisture

Our SERVPRO of Doral team uses thermal cameras to locate any moisture on your property in Doral, FL, after a water damage event. It is important to locate all the hidden moisture after a water loss to ensure that your property is completely dried out.

servpro truck in front of commercial building

SERVPRO is the Industry Leader

SERVPRO is the industry leader in commercial restoration. Call our dedicated team at SERVPRO of Doral to get your commercial property back to preloss conditions after water, fire, and mold loss. We're here to make your business "Like it never even happened."

servpro equipment in bathroom

Dealing with Water Damage in West Miami, FL

Water damages can come from leaky pipes, roof leaks, the buildup in poor ventilation, and even unattended spills. To prevent mold growth in these areas, it’s best to fix the root of problem as quickly as possible. Give us a call at (305) 594-2956; we're always here to help!

mold on ceiling

Discovering Mold During A Remodeling Project

Have you discovered mold during a remodeling project? It may delay the process, but we can help your project can get back on schedule faster and finish with no more unexpected issues. Call us 24/7, 365 at (305) 594-2956.

dehumidifier in bathroom

Sewage Backup in a West Miami, FL Home

Do you have sewage-backup coverage? Storms and runoff can overburden city water systems causing water to back up in your home. Once our team at  SERVPRO of Doral arrives, we will take over/start working on cleaning and remediating the property. Our crew of technicians within the company are all licensed by the state of Florida to remove and transport products of biohazard waste. SERVPRO of Doral teams will arrive on scenes within the hour. Anytime, anywhere, we'll be there. Check your coverage with your insurance agent!

fire damage in a commercial property

Reopening Your Miami Commercial Property After a Loss

Reopening your commercial property after a disaster is an expensive and a time-consuming process. Our SERVPRO of Doral team is here to make sure it is not a frustrating one as well. You can depend on us to get the job done right the first time!

soot damaged contents and clothes in a laundromat

Fire Damage at Local Laundromat

This laundromat experienced a fire that spread soot throughout their facility. Our team began the restoration process by removing all affected contents and bringing them to our facility to be cleaned of the smoke and soot. Our Doral area SERVPRO is “here to help.” Our teams regularly address fire damage and we know how to tackle the project quickly and efficiently.

White cabinets and a microwave covered in soot stains.

Catch Fire While Cooking?

Kitchen fires are the number one cause of home fires! However, there are aways you can prepare in case this happens to you.

1. Install the right number of smoke alarms.

2. Ensure that all household members know 2 from every room of your home.

3. Establish a family emergency communications plan and ensure that all household members know who to contact if they cannot find one another.

Bathroom with green air movers on the ground.

Grey Water or Black Water?

Facts About Commercial Water Damage

When water leaks from a shower, sink, or washing machine drain, it is called Greywater. It may contain traces of grease, food, or dirt that make it more toxic than clean water but less toxic than flood water. Blackwater is when stormwater enters your building from the exterior, or a toilet overflows, introducing sewage. This high-level contamination, requires professional cleanup and restoration services because it may contain bacteria, sewage or toxic chemicals

Room with blue carpet and a green air mover.

Symptoms of water damage

Water leaking from a light fixture is a major issue and must be resolved quickly. If you find any symptoms of water damage, immediately switch off the electricity and wait for an expert to arrive.

Person in PPE cleaning next to a desk.

Cleaning to OSHA Standards

It is vital to perform Coronavirus cleanup with special attention to safety, industry, and OSHA standards. Our trained technicians wear PPE to keep themselves and you employees safe. Count on SERVPRO of Doral for disinfecting before and after a positive case.

White couch on top of a blue rug, next to a mirror.

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning/Odor Removal

Dirt builds up in layers, and when upholstery looks dirty you are only seeing the dirt at the tips of the fibers. Who knows what's lurking underneath. Get a move on your Spring Cleaning duties, call on SERVPRO of Doral for help! 

Water heater next to a moisture meter

Water Heater Leaking In Doral

Is your refrigerator running? Is your water heater running? Have you noticed a spike in your water bill?

Then it may be time to check for a leak. Slow creeping water spills can cause a gradual increase in cost to your water bill. This helps the water damage be unnoticed for too often.

Moisture meter up against a white wall.

Reading The Damage

Team Jaramillo always checks for hidden water beneath walls. We find water accompanied by mold on most properties we service. If you're a property owner, report water damage asap. If not, you may find yourself with a mold problem as well.

Two men in PPE putting on masks.

Water Leak or Mold Problems

Due to the current pandemic, our crew is always out in PPE for every job we complete. It is our priority to keep your home or office safe and sound. If you're experience a water leak or mold problems, give SERVPRO of Doral a call now! 

Person in PPE using a HEPA air filter in an office.

HEPA Filtration

Our team is working very hard, day and night to help keep our customers safe. If someone in your office has tested positive or you haven't had a full deep clean in ages, call on SERVPRO of Doral. We are here to help.

Two men cleaning a couch with a vacuum.

West Miami Cleaning Service

Our Upholstery cleaning service will not only get out the dirt you see, but will also remove the unwanted dust you don’t. A professionally cleaned couch can make all the difference in brightening up a room and freshening up your home. 

Room with windows and water on the floor.

Broken Water Pipe

Oftentimes, water damage is caused by a broken water pipe that gushes freely and requires an immediate repair. Regardless of its source, when faced with sizable flooding its best to call in water damage experts.

We have the training and equipment to quickly remove standing water, properly dry, and refurbish your property.

Kitchen with green cabinets and appliances pulled out.

Water Leaks

Mold prevention involves understanding how water can seep into unexpected spaces. Mold spores can grow under flooring, between walls, and inside cracks in tile-work or stone. Don't worry, we'll take it from here. We have all the equipment needed for water damage cleanup

A large yellow home in a lot with green grass.

Water Line Break

A roof leak, pipe break, or any other water incident inside your home in West Miami, FL can greatly damage various items, including your flooring. Consider these factors before ripping away this prized decoration.

1. Status of Padding
2. Category of Water Damage
3. Duration of Damage

Two people in PPE cleaning.

The New Normal

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned is our defensive cleaning program created in response to our communities collective new normal. Our team has adapted our cleaning methods to be in coordinance with the CDC.

Call us at (305) 594-2956 to learn more today.

Person in PPE fogging.


We are here to help businesses keep their doors open before and after a positive case of COVID-19. SERVPRO of Doral gets businesses running smoothly again in just hours.

Give our crew a call, anytime, anywhere, we'll be there.

Floor being ripped out of a room.

Water Cleanup In West Miami

As water damage specialists, we are prepared and ready to serve you at a moment's notice. Whether in the heart of West Miami or the surrounding areas, water or flood damage call us today (305) 594-2956

Men putting on PPE outside.

Clean Environment

Commercial & Residential Cleaning Services are available thanks to SERVPRO of Doral. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure that your environment is safe and clean. Keep your family and employees out of harms way, call SERVPRO today!

Man spraying underneath a kitchen sink wearing blue gloves.

Water Damage Insurance Claims

Did you know, Water Damage is the second most frequently filed insurance claim in the United States? Flooding is the number one cause for insurance claims, yet most people do not have insurance coverage for flooding. Don't wait, protect your property from water and mold damage

Three green air movers on a white tile floor.


Inside this home there was an ongoing leak, which cause the surface of the bathroom tile to continue rising & separating. Running water easily goes unnoticed, especially by snowbirds. When a leak occurs in your space, call SERVPRO of Doral!

Standing water in a hallway.

Drain Back Up

Drains back up in residential and commercial spaces frequently, SERVPRO of Doral was quick to the job. Team Jaramillo never skips a beat. When disaster strikes, you can count on SERVPRO of Doral! (305) 594-2956

Person in SERVPRO branded protective gear.

Professional Cleaning Services

With the recent pandemic still lingering, SERVPRO of Doral knows that keeping your business clean is essential to your employees and customers safety. We are proud to serve our local community, providing professional commercial cleaning services.

SERVPRO employee kneeling on the ground.


SERVPRO of Doral is always out and about fixing up properties, especially those that need our help immediately from flooding emergencies. Our licensed technicians are available 24 hours a day to assist with water emergencies!

Moldy piece of wood.

Mold In Our Environment

Mold is an important part of our environment, but it does NOT belong inside your property! Call SERVPRO of Doral to have your home inspected for mold. We are your local licensed mold remediation service providers.

Person on their knees next to green air movers.

Warp or Mold

If you detect a strong mildew odor, call SERVPRO of Doral's professionals right away! Excess water will cause the wood to warp or mold. Let's prevent that from happening, together. The faster you call the quicker we can get to the damage.

Two black shelves sitting inside a SERVPRO facility.

Foam Cleaning

Pre-Fire Condition

Our team of technicians pretest your belongings to determine what items we can restore to pre-fire condition. We use several methods of cleaning your contents such as foam cleaning, immersion cleaning, and wet cleaning.

Employee in PPE inside an office.

Clean is Clear

When SERVPRO of Doral's logo is on your door, your commitment to clean is clear. Everyone will know that you called in the licensed professionals. Become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned by calling today! (305) 594-2956

Bedroom leading into a bathroom with stained floors.

Transport Biohazards

Crime scene cleanup requires a significant amount of training and special knowledge to complete properly. Trust SERVPRO of Doral to clean your biologically contaminated materials. We are licensed in the state Florida to handle and transport waste after biohazard cleanup.

Thermal imaging camera being held up.

Infrared Data

Thermal imagine devices convert infrared data into an electronic image, which shows the estimated surface temperature of the object being measured. Each temperature value is assigned a different color. What do you think blue means?

Two men on separate ladders holding on to a blue tarp.

Roof Mitigation

Is your roof leaking? Call SERVPRO of Doral! Our crew is available to help 24/7, 365. Regular roof inspections are helpful to avoid long term damage! But roof inspections after a storm has passed through are even more important.

Man in PPE working on a ceiling.

Damaged by a Storm

SERVPRO of Doral's team is here to help 24/7, 365. If your home or business is damaged by a storm, don't hesitate to give us a call. We are "Faster to any size Disaster." 

Pile of green air movers.


Our crew uses state-of-the-art equipment for dehumidifying, deodorizing, and disinfecting, we restore your home or business with minimal disruption so that you can get back to your normal life. 

SERVPRO Cleaned Logo on a window.

Cleaned Logo

Display your commitment to clean with the Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned Logo on your business proudly. Customers and employees will know that SERVPRO, the nation’s number one choice in cleanup and restoration cleaned your space.

Man pointing a moisture meter at the carpet.

Brake Out

Is your business ready for reopen? While the door were closed, a leak could brake out. If you walk in on standing water, call SERVPRO of Doral! We are available 24 hours a day for any cleaning, water, or mold services your property may need.

Air movers lined up in a hallway.

Water and Mold Remediation

Water leaks can turn into a real mess. If you notice a leak it's important to shut off the main water line. SERVPRO of Doral is your one stop shop for all water damage & mold remediation needs!

Thermal imaging device in a home.

Thermal Imaging

Moisture could be lurking inside your business. It's important to act fast! The longer it sits, the more of a chance mold has to grow. When mold grows, you have a bigger problem on your hands! 

Employee on a ladder cleaning.

Deep Clean

If your office or home needs cleaning and disinfection services, give SERVPRO a call. We are certified by the IICRC to provide deep cleaning to any sized property. (305) 594-2956

SERVPRO of Doral is licensed by the state Florida to handle & transport waste after biohazard cleanup.

Employee using a HEPA filter.

Disinfecting a Commercial Space

Our technicians use equipment with HEPA filtration in many of our services, including biohazard remediation. The use of HEPA filtration helps us to remove harmful particles such as pet dander, virus sized particles and tobacco smoke. We are using the highest quality equipment when restoring your home or business.

Male using a HEPA filter

HEPA Filtration

SERVPRO of Doral uses equipment with HEPA filtration in many of our services. In these current times HEPA filters have been used the most in biohazard remediation. This equipment helps us remove harmful particles such as pollen, dust mites, and tobacco smoke. In this case, virus sized particles. 

Conference room with employee sitting on the ground.

Conference Cleaning

In these times of stress and uncertainty, the best way to combat the threat of COVID-19 is to be prepared. When it comes to disinfection and sanitization, SERVPRO of Doral practices follow CDC guidelines and the use of EPA approved products. Protect your business and your employees, until life is back to normal in the communities we all call home. 

Person in PPE in a kitchen

Rarely Detected

Pathogens can rarely be seen or detected with the naked eye; but surfaces, toys, furniture, door knobs, etc are often carriers for communicable disease. Contact SERVPRO of Doral to discuss your sanitation needs. (305) 594-2956

Person next to a conveyor belt.

Taking All Precautions

SERVPRO of Doral is Here to Help during this time of need. Our team understands how scary it is right now, we are taking all precautions. 

Our technicians are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Person in PPE bent down.


Commercial cleaning & sanitation is extremely important for your home or business space. We offer both preventative and proactive cleaning services. Schedule an appointment with SERVPRO of Doral to have your commercial property professionally cleaned! (305) 594-2956

Employee with their back turned wearing PPE


Disinfection services are available around the clock for your commercial space. Contact SERVPRO of Doral today for a free quote! Our crew is the #1 choice for both cleanup and restoration services. (305) 594-2956 

Garage dark with soot.

24/7 Anytime, Anyplace

Commercial Garage Covered in Soot. Count on SERVPRO of Doral 24/7 for your after hours fire emergencies. We will arrive even before the first responders leave. Once the flames are put out we can go in and determine the amount of restoration services needed.

Grid space full of soot.

Grid Space Full of Soot

Above the grid in a suspended ceiling space soot and smoke damage reside. A fire began down below, smoke and soot carried above as the fire rose. You can trust SERVPRO of Doral with all of your fire damage needs.

Garage wall covered in soot.

Soot Everywhere

Soot & Smoke Damage Removal

At SERVPRO of Doral, we understand the destructive power of nature, which is why we specialize in fire & smoke damage restoration. To schedule an appointment, call (305) 594-2956 for all of your restoration needs.

Moisture meter reading

Current Damage

Dealing with Flood Damage

Are you currently dealing with flood damage on your property? If you know how the flooding occurred, please give SERVPRO of Doral a call and describe the damage to us! (305) 594-2956

white long cutting board with blood on it.

Cutting Board Blood

Regardless of the amount of residential or commercial biohazard waste, a restoration company should always be called in to assist. Make sure your business is cleaned up right the first time! Call SERVPRO of Doral, today! (305) 594-2956

Hotel room with an employee crouching down.

Hotel Room

Hotel room water damage restoration project in session. Our technician is crouching down, moisture meter in hand to get the best possible reading. The room had a high moisture reading and flood cuts had to be made before when began restoration. 

restaurant dinning area with blood on the floor.

Bloody Floor

This KFC/Taco Bell hybrid underwent some serious biohazard cleanup. Pools of blood were located in the central dinning area and also in the back of house kitchen. Our team came in decked out in protective gear and masks to get this job done safely & properly.

Wall cut made exposing insulation.

Exposed Insulation

A wall cut was made in this West Miami, FL home because moisture was detected. After further investigation we came to find mold hidden behind the insulation. This discovery enabled us to remove more of the drywall and insulation to see how far the mold growth had spread. 

Soot covered floor in a business establishment.

Bike Shop

Local bike shop underwent an electrical fire, hence the floor covered in soot. The business also suffered from some water damage after the fire was put out. Our team first went in and cleared the whole place of water and soot before beginning our restoration methods. 

Moisture Meter

Hard At Work

Moisture Meters uses advanced electromagnetic wave technology to accurately measure the moisture hidden in contents. This technology gives our team instant readings when scanning in seconds. SERVPRO of Doral uses this tool efficiently in our water damage restoration efforts. 

Moisture meter reading.

Water Belongs Where?

Water belongs on the plants, not trapped underneath your floors. Whether it may be a small water leak that has crept up over time or a large pipe burst SERVPRO of Doral is always ready to help 24/7. 

carpet pulled up with mold underneath.

Mold from Water

When mold is hidden under carpet like this it usually means a water leak went unnoticed or was not cleaned up properly. SERVPRO of Doral will knock out the water damage the first time leaving your space free of mold

Leftover soot from a fire on a metal floor.


Trailer fires have pros and cons. Pros: the fire is completely contained. Cons: if you are in the contained space you are very likely to get hurt. It's always important to have a local restoration company on standby in case your property gets damaged. 

white door covered in soot.

Home Invasion of

....Soot! Once homes suffer traumatic events such as this, it can feel very overwhelming. Fire, smoke, and soot damage restoration is SERVPRO of Doral's specialty! Give our crew a call today and we'll walk with you step, by step through this process. (305) 594-2956

Kitchen floor covered in black soot.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires are pretty common, believe it or not. A lot of fires start from faulty electrical wiring, kitchen mishaps, and candles. Accidents do happen, that's why you should always have an emergency plan in place for your home. 

wall and picture covered in soot.

Picture Ruined

Well actually, they called SERVPRO of Doral. Our facility and team is experienced in restoring your personal belongings after a fire. This is a great example of an item that we would take back with us and restore to its original condition. 

Corner wall covered in soot with hand prints.

Hand Prints

A whole home went up in flames. This is obviously a very scary situation. The home owners called SERVPRO of Doral and we came as fast as we could. Our team cares for you and your home. 

Room with a table and chairs.

Conference Room

This conference room suffered from water damage. Luckily, the extent of it was soaked into the carpet and not the furniture. Our team was ready and on site in no time! We are available 24/7. 

Blue and grey carpet with green air movers on top.

Cafeteria in Water

Commercial water damage restoration is one of the many reasons why are experts work twenty hours a day, three hundred & sixty five days a year. Don't let yourself suffer any more than you have to. Our crew is here for you, no matter what.

Grey and white flooring covered in orange wires and green air movers.

This place is covered in

Covered in water damage! Our team and facility is large enough to handle a big commercial water restoration project such as this one. We are equipped to handle any project, large or small. We've got your back no matter what!

Grey and white flooring covered in green air movers and air scrubbers.

Cafeteria During Restoration

Our facility and staff here at SERVPRO of Doral has the training, experience, and equipment to handle large commercial flooding or water damage emergencies. We understand that your business is important and we work very hard to get it back up and running in no time!

Water vacuum on the carpet flooring with orange cords.

Water Vacuum

We use equipment such as this to help restore our customers homes, "Like it never even happened." Water damage is a huge problem. It is so important to take care of a water leak as soon as possible. 

Green air mover on the floor with debris from the wall cuts.

Residential Damage

Residential damage, whether it may be water or storm related is always stressful. SERVPRO of Doral is strategically positioned to be faster to any size emergency. We take your call twenty four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. 

Employees cleaning and air movers drying the white floor.


An immediate response from our team helps minimize the damage, cleaning, and restoration costs. Since water especially from a storm, is so invasive SERVPRO of Doral arrives quickly to start our water extraction process almost immediately. Give our crew a call today! 

Plastic in front of a doorway securing a room.

Storm, Water, & Mold

When we secure and stabilize a home such as this one, it's due to mold damage. Our crew is always hard at work as soon as we're on scene. We're here to serve you!

Drywall has been broken down and pink insulation is exposed.

It's Pink!

A water loss creeped its way into this home. Our team made the necessary wall and floor cuts to this property. Wall cuts help relieve the pressure that water creates within the drywall. Drywall begins to swell and break down within the first hour of contact. 

White tiled hallways with green air movers.

5 Water Issues Your Business May Encounter

When you have a business in Doral, Florida it's important to mitigate water damage and prevent leaking pipes before they leave lasting harm to the property. Here are five issues many companies in this area may expect to encounter.

1. Roof Leak Problems

2. Sewer Line Damage

3. Damage To Water Pipes

4. Foundation Damage

5. Landscape Drainage

For more details check out our blog

SERVPRO green truck toting around a dumpster full of moldy material.

Rants & Raves

"I had a commercial office and warehouse in need of mold remediation. SERVPRO of Doral helped us to implement the remediation process with a minimal business interruption for our tenants. Their technicians were very communicative and courteous throughout the entire process. They were very thorough and showed up promptly when they say they would.

Everything was handled to the utmost professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again."

— Joaquin R Delgado in Doral, FL

Toilet has over flowed, there is sewage on the floor.

Waste on the Floor

A toilet has overflowed and waste has flowed onto the floor. SERVPRO is equipped to handle any type of mess. We offer restoration services, biohazard cleanup, and many more! Give us a call today for your cleaning needs! 

Sliding window door broken from a storm cause water damage inside this home.

Broken Door

Water was let in through this broken sliding glass door. A storm ravaged its way through this neighborhood & made its way into residents homes. 

Have you woken up to storm damage? Not sure how to handle it? Call SERVPRO! (305) 594-2956

-Water Intrusion-

When water intrudes in on your home it can be scary and very overwhelming. Our team understand how stressful this time is for you. That's why we are on scene after your call, getting the job done quickly & efficiently. 

Man measuring moisture in a wall.

Loss From Water

Do you have water lingering around your residence? Not sure? Call Us! (305) 594-2956

Our facility is capable of handling any project you many have for us, no matter how large or small. Here at SERVPRO of Doral we are the water restoration experts. 

SERVPRO truck outside a business.

Raving Clients!

"I had a commercial office and warehouse in need of mold remediation. SERVPRO of Doral helped us to implement the remediation process with a minimal business interruption for our tenants. Their technicians were very communicative and courteous throughout the entire process. They were very thorough and showed up promptly when they say they would.

Everything was handled to the utmost professionalism and efficiency. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again."

— Joaquin R Delgado in Doral, FL

Thermal imaging camera showing a reading.

We Use the Best Technology

Our Equipment

IT cameras produce images of invisible infrared or "heat" radiation. The IT camera can provide precise non contact temperature measurement capabilities. The existence of moisture which is a substance cooler than normal construction materials—can be used to detect conditions that promote mold growth. Mold related problems can be detected before the mold is visible to the eye or detectable by the nose. IT cameras are extremely cost-effective, valuable diagnostic tools in construction related problems of water intrusion and mold growth.

We at SERVPRO of Doral use the Right Technology!

Person in PPE next to a flood cut

From Water Damage to Mold

We're Here to Help

If you need help with mold removal, you can schedule a consultation with a mold remediation professional. The EPA advises to look for mold remediation professionals that adhere to the industry standards established by professional organizations like the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) and the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) among others. 

Two employees in hazmat suits.

We're Ready for Any Challenge

Faster to any Disaster

Biohazard cleanup can be challenging work that requires technicians to handle potentially hazardous materials such as blood and body fluids. Proper handling of the crime or trauma scene is crucial to the safety of everyone in the staff & home involved. SERVPRO of Doral has a team full of expert biohazard cleanup techs. We have the equipment and manpower to get any size crime scene clean and looking good as new. We are "faster to any size disaster." (305) 594-2956

SERVPRO of Doral professionals are trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly in accordance with OSHA and health regulations.